Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Resurrecting my blog 

So much time has gone by since last I've posted, where to begin?!   I'll start with our most bloggable change of 2016....the birth of Dominic Bosco Palladino!   He used to be much smaller...but as he's approaching his first birthday, he's transforming daily into a toddler. I'm in denial that my baby boy can actually be turning one on the 25th, how in the world has it been a year already?!  He is the sweetest little fellow, and we all love him to pieces. Number four has brought so much joy and love into all our lives, we thank God daily for sending us our sweet little boy.   We moved! Again!!  We now reside in Danvers Ma, a cute little town that really isn't so little. Yet somehow it has a small town feel, which in my opinion is a plus!  Jason started school this year, and shocked us all as he has become a complete social butterfly! I never would have guessed that Jason would love school as much as he does. Was he always going to like school? Have we witnessed a miracle first hand? I guess we'll never know...but I'll take it anyway!!  Part of the reason I didn't feel inspired to blog, was me not liking my blogs name change. When I first started, my blog was Diaries of a Law Students Wife. A title that was self explanatory of what my blog would entail.   I still haven't settled on a new blog name. After an entire year of not blogging, I am still unsure what I should call it. So for now I'll be referring to it in an appropriate way as, My Forgotten Blog.(Until further notice!)    Baby just woke up, and kiddos are home from school! Short and sweet post! Until next time!:) 

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