Monday, December 14, 2015

28 weeks later!!!

 Picking up where I left off with blogging isn't really possible...So much has happened in roughly 28 weeks since last I blogged. Therefore I won't even begin to try; instead I'll do a few quick updates! 

   Biggest news for our family is that we're expecting a new little member early March! He's a boy, and the kids are very excited to be getting a brother. Especially Jason, who insisted from the moment he heard I was expecting that it just had to be a boy. 
   I am roughly 28 weeks, and now going into the third trimester. Even though this is number four, I have no idea what to expect this go round...I say this because I have had the craziest pregnancy out of the four. Severe morning sickness, three ER visits, and just surprise around every prenatal corner. But other than the constant fatigue, I'm feeling overall good now. I really hope I haven't jinxed myself by saying that.....

  Back in July, Jay was offered a job with a firm only 15  minutes from where we currently live. He accepted (gladly😉) and things have been going better than we would have expected. He's home most everyday for lunch, and it's 8-5 mon-Friday! First time in nine years of marriage that we've been on a normal 8-5 workweek schedule. I love it. 

  The kids are growing and changing everyday, Bella is now "7," and started second grade this year. We really lucked out and she scored an amazing teacher. If only we could be this lucky every school year! 

  Jason turned 5!!!! For some reason this absolutely blows my mind. It's one thing when your oldest turns school age, but when the second gets there?! For me it's been crazy to think of my little son being old enough to start school in the fall. I'm thankful he has a while before he goes, he's still such a little guy, and a huge homebody. 

  Lucy Rose is blossoming into quite a little girl. She's still "the baby," and has a few more months until the title is taken. But I think of the three, it is she who has changed the most. 
  Talking, playing, laughing and snacking are some of Lucy's favorite pastimes. She also loves to paint, paint and paint. And her fearless independence keeps her from shying away from any new activity that interests her. 

 This is quite the short but sweet post, which I've procrastinated way too long. Not sure if I'll be getting a Christmas card out this year, so from all of us to all of you, have a very, merry,  blessed Christmas!!!!

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