Thursday, April 9, 2015

After bedtime blogging!

More often than not I start blogging saying "a lots been going on." And when a lots going on I can't find the disciplined time to keep up with my blogging. 
 First out of the ordinary occurrence, Jason's two night, three day hospital stay. In short the poor little fellow caught an awful virus that dehydrated him only a few hours into throwing up etc. He was admitted when I brought him in that first night, and put on IV fluids. We are so grateful that Jason was taken care of so well, and that there wasn't anything more serious wrong with him. You really count your blessings when you're checking your kid out of the children's wing of a hospital. 
  A few days after Jason came home from the hospital my mom came to visit. We were so excited for her to come, and having her with us was a special treat. She works two jobs and lives in Florida, and still has children at home....So a visit is a blessing and something that can't happen as often as we wish. My mom helped me with all different little projects around the house, the biggest project was getting pictures of the kids. And by pictures I mean nice ones for the wall. I'm terrible about making stuff like that happen. I need someone organized like my mother to push me to get it done, thanks mom! We didn't want to let her leave, and we can't wait to have her come up again. 

  Right before my mother came I chopped off my hair. It's been an adjustment....always is with me, but I like it! And it truly is much easier to style and look put together. 
  Another fun thing I might add before I wrap this up, I bought raw milk from a little dairy! It's about thirty minutes away a little farm called "Artichoke Dairy," they sell eggs and cheese as well. It was very quaint out in the country, and if no ones in the small shop area when you arrive they use the honor system for payment. Little Jason and I picked out two half gallons of raw milk and a dozen fresh brown eggs. Jason really enjoyed seeing the cows as well, only I look at this picture and wonder what I was thinking....

 I guess he can't get out, but it still doesn't look safe....Anyway, we had fun and Jason learned about where milk comes from. 

  Until next time, have a blessed Easter season!!


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