Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lucy is two

 My sweet little third child and second daughter officially turned two last week on the ninth. Lucy has been my easiest baby in so many ways. Two of the biggest being, no acid reflux, and easy to please in the kitchen. She has always been a good sleeper as well, and still is today! Although one of her prerequisites to good sleep involves falling asleep with mommy in bed with her....Its as my very first pediatrician told me when Bella was tiny, "you have to choose what hill you're going to die on." And right now, that's not the hill I'm going to die on.
 Lucy LOVES to take bath's; actually, I think she lives for them. She's been known to ask at any random time "Bath please, mama??" She also can be sneaky, and if she sees me trying to talk on the phone she'll start her "bath please mama?" chant until I give in, or get off the phone. 
  Another thing that she does that I don't want to forget is she calls Jason "Boy."Why she started calling him boy I really don't know, but it's so cute! And Jason doesn't mind, and he's learned to respond to it. 

 Above Lucy is playing her shopping game. It's a very fun game where she gets her fun little shopping cart and goes through my pantry collecting whatever appeals to her, today she's going the chip route. 
 Life has been much fuller since our little Lucy came along. I look forward to learning more about the person God created her to be as she continues to grow and change each year. 

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