Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fitness challenge

I started another challenge group two weeks ago, and I'm currently doing the "21 Day Fix." These challenge groups have been key in helping me with motivation and accountability. I've learned so much, and continue to learn more. The exercises are challenging but very doable!  
  I find I have more energy, and can see 
  poitive changes in how I feel overall. I don't want to be big and muscular like a guy or anything. But with summer right around the corner, and Lucy's birthday reminding me it's been TWO years....Its time to get fit!  Below is what I don't strive to do:

 I did get a good laugh out of this picture though! Who thinks up this stuff anyway?

  The hardest part of getting my workout in are all the interruptions. If you're a mom I'm sure you know what I mean! At times I've literally had children climbing on me while I'm trying to do a push-up. It can be downright crazy. I beg, threaten and sometimes just let what ever happens happen during that 30 minute time. But I've been getting them in! They're hard, I modify, and I sweat like crazy, but I get them done! 
  Anyway that's where I am now, and I'm hoping to continue on until I reach some of my health and fitness goals. Because reality check....I'm turning THIRTY this year! 

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