Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New blog name, and Lucy's upcoming birthday!

 I finally got around to updating the name of my blog, nearly a year after the name expired. I procrastinated for so long because I really had no idea what I would change it to. But in the end I came to the above name, and I truly think it's a fitting one.

  In other news, we will be celebrating Lucy's second birthday next week on the ninth. I know how cliche it is to say, but I really can't believe it's already been two years. Lucy is the little joyful "light" that brightens up our family.  And since the meaning of the name Lucy is light, I think my description is fitting. Lucy is the sweetest little munchkin, truly. She makes me feel like I must be doing something right. She's kind, loving and playful. And, refreshingly easy to please in the kitchen! A child after my own heart. Lucy will eat happily almost anything you give her. She eats all "colors" of fruits and veggies, as well as different shaped pastas and breads. If you're a mom I'm sure you can appreciate the flexibility of my little eater. If I had given birth to this child first, I'd have thought I'd had a lot of this parenting thing already figured out. Right now Lucy's favorite things to do are  to take a bath with lots of toys, go on car rides, watch the Teletubbies....yes, Teletubbies...And to play with her older brother and sister. Lucy does still sleep in bed with mommy and daddy, and I honestly don't see that changing anytime soon, lol. 

  I thank God everyday for the gift of my little ones, they truly are wonderful little people. They help to make life chaotic, busy, wonderful and awesome. And I wouldn't have it any other way. So cheers to you my Lou Lou Rosie! Happy early second birthday!



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