Thursday, March 12, 2015

Costco Haul

 We have been on and off Costco members since Isabella was a baby. Up until now I really didn't need to buy much in bulk, other than diapers. But after a lot of trial and error Costco buys, I think we're figuring out what's worth the bulk buy. Below is a picture of our haul from today.
 Not shown in the picture is our bulk Kirkland brand paper towels and toilet paper. For my family I've found it only pays to buy bulk on the staples and items we ALWAYS will use. As you see above the items I purchased are pretty basic. But while they are basic, I can buy them knowing we definitely will use them all up.
  Now in the event of a special occasion, sure! We'll buy a cheesecake that feeds 20. But otherwise it just doesn't seem to be worth it to buy so much of one thing. 
  I'm also the one in charge of the budgeting and spending of most all food and household items. I take this responsibility very seriously, and I try to see it as an opportunity to save my husband as much money as possible. While still of course, feeding my family well and providing all the necessities. 
  Anyways, moving right along to the very interesting and always safe topic of the weather. We had two actual warmISH days! It got up to the forties! I was actually able to wear just a long sleeved shirt and no jacket! Even though it was just two days, it was awesome. And it reminded me that spring will eventually come again. The kids are looking forward to spring even more I think than me. They really aren't at all familiar with spring. Having moved from Naples where it's just one eternal summer, they haven't experienced a true spring. Bella keeps asking random questions about what we do in spring....Poor kid, I wonder if she fears that there could be a season worse than the first winter she's experienced. I keep reassuring her that spring brings warmth, sun, days at the park, and is followed by summer. Does anyone know what happened this past Ground Hog day?? I'm guessing he must have seen his shadow; because if he didn't, we really need to chuck that tradition. 
  Tomorrow is Friday! And a Lenten Friday at that. Looking forward to cooking up another Lenten dish from another country. 
   That's all for now, good night to anyone who reads my blog!;) 

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