Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow, meals, and ashes

Guess what?! It's going to snow again...a lot. Wow. Which means I have to prepare to be shut in again for a couple days. My pantry is at an all time low again, which is crazy in itself. But that means I have to go grocery shopping so we'll have what we'll need to get by. This brings me to my next topic, meal planning. Meal planning is something that really helps me to bring structure to my days, as well as variety. I love to cook, and I love to try new things. But somehow in the past year I have lost the art of meal planning in my life. I had an excuse when I was living with the inlaws, but now that we're in our own place....not so much. I do know that part of the reason meal planning has gone awry has to do with where my family is at this point. I now have three children who are eating more and more. Two of those children are extremely picky, and one will eat anything. The tricky part comes in when I try to cook variety, older two don't like variety. And they can be stubborn!!

  I'm trying to get to a point where we can all eat the same thing, so that meal planning is something that helps me in the kitchen. Too many times I've cooked a delicious healthy meal, and my kids refuse to eat it. I end up having to make something else for whoever didn't eat dinner, and spending more time in the kitchen. I realize meal planning isn't a very interesting blog topic, but it's been weighing on my mind  a lot recently. 

  Today was also Ash Wednesday, and I actually got everyone out in time to mass for our ashes. The kids were a little confused by the marking of ashes, especially since I let that little highlight remain a secret until it was time. Jason walked up thinking I was going to communion. He was ahead of me, and you can imagine the look on his face when the ash distributor person (wasn't the priest) bent down and rubbed black ash on his forehead...sorry, but it was hilarious. Even the ash person started to fight back a smile. I purposely didn't tell the children we were getting ashes because I didn't know if they'd get upset at the idea. I instead thought I'd take  my chances with the element of surprise.

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