Monday, February 16, 2015


 Today is Monday February 16th, and the temperature is 10* out. We've had multiple snowstorms where we've been stuck indoors for days. I'm holding my breath that tomorrow's snow forecast doesn't turn into yet another snow storm.  I officially have come to strongly dislike the snow. I admit that it's pretty when it first falls and hasn't been driven on or plowed....But I'm fine with looking at pictures of snow! Real snow makes life with kids so hard!! All the layers, the boots, the gloves....ahhhh!!! First day of Spring please get here now! I am not a New Englander, I don't think I could ever get used to living in these elements. 

 Tomorrow is Jay's Birthday, and also the nine year anniversary of when we got engaged. I can hardly believe either of the hard facts that Jay turns 33 tomorrow, and that nine years have gone by since our engagement. 

  In other news I'm starting another fitness challenge group this week. I'm very eager and excited about it. Inspite the fact that I'm extremely out of shape and terrible with portion control....It's good to be getting back in the game. I have high hopes of being thinner and more fit before summer. 

   With Ash Wednesday almost here, it has me thinking about past Lents since I've had kids. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't done a good job in the past with Lenten activities with the kids. And I feel that we really need to kick up our Lenten sacrifices a notch or two as well. So this year I was considering doing one give-up and one add-on. Our give-up will be all fast food, eating out. And our add-on will be a family rosary a day. I also want to make it to as many Holy Week services as I can this year. Past years I've been awful with this, got to be better this year. I wish I knew of more Lenten activities for kids, if any one knows any, please share!


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