Thursday, February 19, 2015


Today I decided to go grocery shopping by myself,(no kids) but in doing that I couldn't have my driver. Anyone who knows me knows I don't like driving in the city, which means I rely on my better half for those driving needs. But today I set out on my own to drive 33 minutes away to Medford, where there is an Aldi. For anyone who isn't familiar with Aldi here is the quick run down. Aldi is a small store, very much like Trader Joes, that sells inexpensive grocerys. They aren't discounted or old, just inexpensive and mostly generic. You can really get the most bang for your buck when shopping at Aldi.

 I had no problem with the help of my Gps finding my way to Aldi. I went in, did my massive two week shopping, and checked out. I went a little overboard this trip, and bought a cart full of groceries that was literally overflowing. I wanted to make the trip worth my time, and I also didn't want to have to go shopping again for at least two weeks. When I got to my car it was snowing...I quickly loaded up and headed on my way. 
   That's when my trip went all wrong. For some reason using my GPS to get back was not as simple as using it to get there.  Compact the gps problem with the mounds of snow, and you have me feeling frantic and very lost somewhere not heading towards Salem. I called Jay frantic...."I am lost!" He was all cool and calm trying to tell me to just follow the GPS. Long story short, I drove through the boston tunnel( which is the opposite direction) TWICE!!!! While all this was going on, one of my good friends was having a baby, and I couldn't even check my txt's!! So frustrating. When I finally after an hour found my way, I comforted myself thinking of all the money I'd saved by shopping at Aldi. 

    Well. This evening for dinner I decided to serve the kids chicken nuggets, cheddar cheese cubes, apples and apple juice boxes. All of these dinner items came from Aldi. I wasn't eating with the kids, I planned to have a salad later on in the evening. So, I fed the kids their cute kid food and gave myself a pat on the back when they devoured it happily. 

   About 25 minutes after they started. One by one, starting with Bella the kids came down with diarrhea. Poor Jason didn't make it to the was awful. Obviously my poor kids were suffering from some sort of food poisoning, and unfortunately I had an idea what it probably was. The chicken nuggets I fed them were new, and I had just bought that day from Aldi. They all had them, but I had something else for dinner. 
   Anyways, I know I'm cutting this post off out of no where. But I have a 23 month old poking me in the eye saying "EAT! EAT!!!!" 

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