Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rhode Island

Every time I sit down and entertain the thought of blogging I immediately get overwhelmed with the thought of all our life "updates." And although my last blog post was full of updates, there are still more! 

  We are relocating next month to Cranston Rhode Island which is only ten minutes outside of Providence. And since the cost of living is much more reasonable than the area we're in now, we can afford to rent a house! And, a house with a FENCED yard!! Not to sound corny, but the way everything worked out for us to find this house was purely "Providential." 
  We took a drive down to Providence to check out a couple of areas, one of which was Cranston. This particular house was listed on Craigslist by owner. Huge plus to find a by owner, because you then don't have to worry about paying expensive broker fees. I texted the owner and then talked to her on the phone. I set up a time for Jay to go see it, and the rest is history! 

   My first thoughts of relocating were full of anxiety at the thought of searching for a place and the hassle of packing. I can truly say now that that anxiety has been replaced with joy and anticipation. It is clear that God has had a hand in all these changes from the job to the house. And He must clearly want our family in Rhode Island. The kids are all excited ( except Lucy who has no clue) and I'll be updating very soon!

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  1. Glad to see the blog back πŸ˜€! The news of your moving to RI makes me both happy and sad; we see your beautiful family too infrequently as it is πŸ˜₯no doubt though that God is guiding you all and holding you close .


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