Saturday, October 25, 2014

When we finally got the letter

 This was a big week for the Palladino family, centering around one very important piece of mail.
    I'll begin the story of our big news with a reaccount of our day starting early Thursday morning. We rose as normal at 6:30 to prepare for getting Bella in to the North End for school. She was tired and not at all excited to be leaving her warm bed, however to her surprise I told her that today I was coming to check her out early, which made her much more amiable about fighting her morning haze. She finagled as she knows just how to do, and made me promise to arrive before lunch period. Jay dropped her off, and that was that. 

  Upon his return home from drop off we had our normal morning routine, breakfast, workouts, kid needs, and showers. Seeing that it was 11:00 already, we decided to head in as to make sure we made it before the lunch period. Funny thing was, as we drove up to the school I began to see all the normal things I see when we pull up at 2:10...all the same parents walking up, and lots of excited children being dismissed....But it was only 11:25. We pulled up and there Bella was with her class being dismissed as usual, "Was there an early release today??" Jay asked. "Not to my knowledge, I didn't receive an e-mail!" We parked the car and Jay went up and got her, he played it cool like we were on top of the game. The teacher didn't have to know that we just happened to pull in to get her in the perfect five minute time frame that her class was being released for early dismissal. And the teacher didn't have to know that if Bella hadn't had a Dr.'s apt she be on the phone trying to locate two irresponsible parents who had somehow looked over an early dismissal. It was our small miracle of the day. Thank you guardian angels, my child didn't have to "that kid" today.

   We arrived home, I served lunch, and we all had about two hours before I was to leave for the pediatrician. Lucy was showing her beginning signs of nap time being pass due, so I took her into my room to lay down. ( and yes! I do lay down with her until she falls asleep! And no I don't care if you think that makes her spoiled!:) ( not to put words in any ones mouths, I've just heard it all!!)  I got a knock at the door which was my brother-in-law and his cute little baby, they came in and he talked to Jay who was lying down with us. Lucy was a little aggravated, her quiet being interrupted, but then they all three left the room leaving Lucy to nap again. Just as she was settling down ( I know, a ton of minute details....but they're needed for me to remember one day!) another knock on the door and in burst Jay and his brother the baby and, a letter....Jay quickly told me that it was THE letter, addressed from the Bar Association, it had finally come with absolutely no warning or email!! Jay was so nervous and threw the letter on the bed to me, he said he couldn't handle the suspense of opening it. I jumped up and even though I was extremely apprehensive and nervous too, I opened the letter! This was it! I told Jay that no matter what it said, it was NOT the end of the world or his future career. This letter does not define him. I carefully read the first two sentences and took a couple seconds to process and make sure 100% I was reading it correctly.....I then shouted "You PASSED!" 
   There was a lot of rejoicing, congratulating, breathing, and overall just grateful relief. Jay was so, so happy! His brother said he was a little worried because apparently when I read the letter I hesitated, and paused, causing him to think the worst. 
      That night Jay's parents took us all out for a very memorable celebration dinner. It was a beautiful night, and one I don't think we'll ever forget.
   We are so, so, so grateful that Jay thankfully passed on his first try. He worked very hard for three years to celebrate that moment, and we thank The Lord for providing us with the grace to make it through. 

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  1. Congratulations!!! I am so, so nervous to get our letter. I know ours are supposed to get here in the next few weeks and it's so terrifying!


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