Monday, October 20, 2014

What I did today!

 This morning when we woke up it was a chilling thirty five degrees outside....burrrrrrrr! My feet were absolutely freezing and I felt bad because none of the kids had socks on. I quickly socked them all up, and even had to fight/force Bella into wearing tights which she absolutely loathes. Both Bella and Jason had school today so Lucy had an only child morning. It's amazing how much I can get done with just one child; although the ironic thing was when I only had one child I never was able to get anything done either! 
   One of the things I got in this morn was a new workout, Focus T25. The workout today was cardio and man, it was an intense 25 minutes!

   Started this last night and it's now Tuesday evening....soooo, I'll just pick up here! Jay had today off so it was rise at 6:30 get Bella ready for school, send her and Jay off by 7:10 and fall back into bed while threatening the others to watch some cartoons so mommy could sleep. Jay came home and we eventually all climbed (fell) out of bed and prepared for our day. Next was cereal all around minus me, I had a protein shake, and then T25  which Jay and the kids did with me. Of course the kids weren't actually working out, they were more adding an element of suspense by running behind us back and forth. 
    After the workout I called up a good friend whom I was to meet up with, and we decided to go for lunch. I ran downstairs took a speedy shower, French braided a wet head and threw on some makeup. Kids were already dressed so all I had to do was "find" their shoes and we were on our way! 

   We picked up our friend and headed to the North End for a delicious lunch at Jays parents restaurant. I used self control which was extremely hard I can assure you, and ordered salad, chicken and grilled veggies.....torture....while Jay feasted on lobster ravioli in a pink Alfredo sauce. 

   I had a much needed visit with my dear friend who is getting married in just a little over a hundred days!!!! Needless to say, a ton of catching up and girl talk! 
     Since the restaurant is only two streets over from Bella's school, Jay picked her up while my friend and I chatted at the table, it's a huge perk having the school so close! 

    Our day was a lovely yet BUSY day, and I've yet to even begin our night time routine. I'm putting it off, I'm not ready to start yet. When the kids are happy and peaceful I allow the night time extravaganza to start a bit later than other days...And that's about all I can muster up right now! Until next time!!:)

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