Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to deliver a helpful meal

 Today I have the pleasure of making a meal and dessert for a couple who just welcomed their first child. I first got to do this type of favor during our time living in the wonderful land of Steubenville, where everyone is catholic and generous with their talents( not everyone of course, but I met a ton who were!). I have an advantage over some meal-givers in that I actually love planning what to make and putting it together. So, for lack of more interesting blog topics I thought I'd post on how to make and give a helpful meal.

   1.  When making a meal for another family you want your meal to be helpful and alleviate the chore of coming up with that particular meal. I find it helpful to ask the family in advance if there are any allergies in the house as well as ingredients that the family overall doesn't care for, like mushrooms, onions etc. This way you are making sure that you don't waste your time cooking something that can't or won't be eaten, and the family isn't left hanging.

2. Plan for the preparation of the meal. I try to always buy disposable containers to deliver the meals in. This I find to be a huge help for both parties, especially the receiver of the meal.

3. Consider the size of the family. Cooking for a family of three is very different than cooking for a family of seven. Also consider the ages, whether there are teens in the house or young children. Feeding a family with all small children wouldn't require the same portions as that of a family with older children.

4. Call ahead. I find it very helpful to call early on in the day and ask if dropping off the meal early would be alright. This gives the family the ability to stick to normal meal schedules, as well as you time to be there for your families meal.  Also calling ahead assures the family that you haven't forgotten them, which does happen!

5. Make a full meal. By full meal I mean a main dish or casserole, a side or salad and an enjoyable dessert. A full meal can be cooked quite efficiently and affordably given the proper planning. There are countless recipes available for free on line that can provide delicious inspiration. Many people already know that delivering a Tupperware with only macaroni and cheese hardly qualifies for a meal, but it happens.

6. Follow the cues of the receiver. If the receiver invites you in and asks you to stay and chat indulge them if you have the spare time. However, if you notice confusion or that the new parent seems tired (a given) kindly wish them well and make your polite exit.

  Helping out a new family with meal making can be such a blessing when done the right way. I've been blessed in the past with getting some of the best meals I've ever tasted during my recovery time. The comfort of knowing dinner is all taken care of relieves a ton of prep and effort allotting more free hands for newborn cuddles!


  1. Angie, don't know HOW I found ur BLOG, or.... If I'll ever find it again!! Lol. U write wonderfully & I SO enjoyed reading the lil happenings in ur day... Which are really BIG happenings in the life of a Wife & Mommy!!! God bless u, Angie, Jay....& ur lil ones!!! I'll try & find ur blogs as often as I can.... They're very inspiring!! Luv to u ALL!!! Aunt Sharon. Xo

  2. Meant to tell u... Making & delivering a nice meal to a home bound & overworked family is truly a odsend to YOUwell know from ur aOWN experience!!!

  3. Yes, such good pointers!

    I don't think I returned a single dish after Zuzu was born...I was so confused about who's dish was whose, and I really didn't get out again until she was 2 months old!! So then I was trying to track everyone down to give them back their things, but not everyone went to St. John or to the same Mass or even to the women's group meetings! I still feel bad about it, but really, I was just so confused, having never had meals brought to me before.

    Now when I bring meals, I either take dishes that I don't care if I see again, I come back to pick them up, or I take disposable stuff.

    You're such a sweetheart to do this for women. It really is SUCH an essential part of our job as mothers - to encourage and help other new moms. I was so grateful for the many women that visited me, messaged me, brought me food, and kept me company - it made my introduction to motherhood so relaxed and blessed.


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