Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall 2014

 I've been wanting to blog all day long, but it's been nearly impossible to make the uninterrupted time. I haven't blogged since my anniversary, and this makes me sad. I enjoy blogging, and I miss taking the time to blog it all out.

  The past month has been very busy, all of us settling into our new schedules. Bella officially started the first grade on September 4th. She's attending St. John's Catholic school in the North-end of Boston. The school is located on the same street as the Paul Revere house, very cool to drive by the historical buildings everyday. Bella has also started official ballet and tap classes. She absolutely loves her dance classes, they are literally the highlight of her week.

Jason Jr. is going a couple mornings to Montessori school, where he is learning playing and making friends. He is such a chipper little boy, always eager and excited to go to school. One of the best parts of my day (days he has school) is seeing his happy little face at pick-up time, and hearing his version of all he did at school. He is a peach.

  Lucy is now a whopping 18 months old. She has thick bangs, and reminds me of Carrie from Little House on the Prairie, the tv show. Even at 18 months, Lucy's favorite past time is to be held by Jay or myself. I really worry that Jay will be carrying her down the aisle someday, because that is just how attached she is to being carried. Despite her ever longing to be carried, Lucy is one of the most lovable babies I've ever been around. She loves to snuggle, she loves to eat off anyone's plate, and she loves to sleep in bed with her parents.  And to say that she's smart is an understatement, this kid understands everything you say to her, I still get surprised by this at times. She is a woman of few words, among them "Daddy", "Mom," "Dom...."? " Dog," "One," "Yay!" and random others that have caught her fancy. In short, "I Love Lucy, and she Loves Me."

   Jay is doing well, he is around "not studying" soooo much more. And it's wonderful. Still no word from the bar, that in itself is quite annoying. Especially since the date changed, we were suppose to hear some time this month. Now it's changed to November, two months more.....

  Me, I'm just enjoying law school-less life. Fall is here, and it's refreshing to the soul. After three hot years in Florida, it's nice to finally cool off and enjoy the change of seasons. We had the fun experience of going apple picking this past weekend. The kids absolutely loved it, especially Bella. I loved the warm apple cinnamon doughnuts that were sold at the farm, to die for (or at least fork over the cash for).
   I'm also going to begin teaching first grade CCD this fall. I'm excited, nervous and inexperienced, we'll see how it goes!



  1. what a wonderful life you have and it just sounds like it gets better all the time and children are well adjusted and happy and you and your husband are so happy ball bless you so glad you stay close to the sacraments I love you

  2. Love this post! It's good to see pictures of all you guys to go along with all the stories! :) my phone didn't save your new number so please send it my way she you get a chance! God bless you guys!


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