Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Barr, and the mountain trip

 A couple of weeks have passed since my last depressing post about being "Done." I was tempted more than once to go back and delete the post, I felt maybe I had over shared. And I was definitely very negative. But for now I'm leaving it up, so I can look back and remember all we went through during this time. 

 Jay did take the Barr back at the end of July, and he says he feels he did his best. We are praying that he passed, we both dread the thought of retesting. We were both so relieved when he finished, it relieved a huge amount of stress from all of us. 

  The day after the Barr, we headed up to New Hampshire to visit our good friends the Loot family. The Loots were in New Hampshire visiting Emily's ( the mother of the family) parents. We had such a wonderful visit, it was so nice to see them again after three long years! The highlight of the trip was getting to meet our little Goddaughter Simona. She was such a doll baby, I just wish we had a longer visit so she would have warmed up to me more. It's very hard to be around a cute baby, when they're too shy to let you grab them. 

  After the visit we headed to Waterville Valley (in the mountains) to spend the night at the Snowy Owl Inn. The inn was set right in the heart of the valley surrounded by the beautiful mountains. The air was so clean, and the views so picturesque, nature at its most natural beautiful state. I could have stayed there forever ( or at least longer than one night). We enjoyed a delicious breakfast the next morning, all while enjoying the beautiful views out the restaurants picture windows. To sum it up, I can't wait to go back, there's something so healing and calming about spending time in the mountains. 


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