Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How we met, part one

Today we celebrate eight years of marriage. So I thought today would be a fitting occasion to write about how Jay and I met. The very first encounter we ever had was over ten years ago. I was visiting my friend Lauren who was attending Ave Maria U while it was at the Naples campus, January 2004. She and I were dressed up and walking out of the dorms to the parking area on our way to the Philharmonic. Jay was standing outside the dorm with some guy friend (don't remember who it was) joking around and just hanging out. When Lauren and I walked by he put his hand out in a means to catch our attention, and began to "rap" something about teaching us how to walk....I kind of smiled to be polite, but I felt awkward like "What in the world? Who is that guy?!" He was dressed in big baggy sweat pants, and wearing a baseball cap. I was wearing a flowy skirt, hair done and makeup, sweatpants rapping guy did not make an impression on me other than that Ave Maria must accept all different kinds of people.

 Now fast forward to my fist month as a student at Ave Maria U myself, August 2004. My friend Lauren had transferred, so I was having to make all new friends and basically knew no one before I came. I was nineteen and in typical nineteen year old girl fashion, I developed a crush on a certain young man ( who will reamain nameless!) who was also at the school. I made friends to hang out with, and often times we would hang out in the pool/game room which was also in the boys dorm (now the law schools business building!). I wasn't the most outgoing girl, I was friendly but some things don't change, once and introvert always...I would always hope to bump into "Nameless" in the cafeteria or game room, but it really only rarely happened. That was how I first noticed Jay again, he seemed to always be in the pool/game room. He had a lot of friends, and people seemed to flock to him. Guys and girls...He asked me to play pool with him, and that's how we first came to know each other's name. At this point however there was still no interest at all on my side, I did however remember his face from before, and I now thought more of him than the "rap" guy.

 Our "friendship" however didn't really take off until about two weeks later when I was walking home from playing tennis with some friends, and Jay had forgot his phone in one of the main social halls.  Our paths crossed, and he initiated a conversation which ended up lasting a couple of hours...He got my phone number, and so our "friendship" began. Over the next couple of weeks he called me almost everyday to hangout, go on a walk, go for ice cream etc. We talked about everything, and really got to know each other on a deeper level than just casual friends. 

  And all stopped. Girls are catty, I think all girls and some of the smarter guys know this. 

                                  To Be Continued  

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