Friday, June 6, 2014

Target error in my favor

    TGIF. Even though Jay will be studying on Saturdays, I'm still always happy when Friday rolls around. We did our usual routine today, home play, park time and then a stop at my favorite store Target. 

 Little back story and then my target moral dilemma. I made a return of two clothing sale items last night, one item I received a gift card with the balance on it(no receipt). I was in such a hurry that when the employee told me it had 19.00$ on it I just said thank you, took the card and scrammed. Driving back home it came to me, I only paid 12.00$ for the shorts. They were on sale from 19.00$ and I paid seven dollars less. "Great," I thought, "now I have the hassle of having to decide what's right to do."Jay automatically chimed in and told me I had to go back in and fix it. It's not that I wanted to steal seven dollars off target, it's just the hassle of going in and explaining, and with the annoying. 

  I decided to wait and go in today rather than last night. Yet between last night and today I had decided maybe to just forget about even talking to them and ( I know some may be scandalized) keep the gift card the way it was. After all, if you think about the rules of the game Monopoly, there's actually a card you can draw that says "Bank error in your favor, collect 200 dollars." So in my case it's just a Target error in my favor! Right?? 

  Well, it's too late for long story short but, I ended up either rising to the higher ground, or giving in to my scrupulous fears and going to correct the mistake with customer service. And...they then berated me and kicked me out of the store!....JK!!! They said exactly what I thought they'd say, "keep it, our mistake." Sooo, I then shopped around and treated the kids to t-shirts with their favorite characters on them.

 And we sprung for the hat...because he looked adorable in it. Not seen above (because the queen is fast asleep in her chambers)  Lucy got a matching Frozen shirt, we do love Frozen!  Happy Friday all! 

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