Monday, June 2, 2014

Short update

 I thought I'd write a short post, or update, on what's been going on lately.  We've been here for almost two weeks, and I'm just now starting to feel like I'm getting into a daily routine. Jay has officially begun his bar review course, lots of studying going on...Sound familiar? Anyway, he ideally starts at 9:00 am and goes until the evening. I've been trying to do my very best to not call on him for help with the kids, and therefore not disturb him. 

  Today I planned a busy day for the kids and myself, Barnes and Noble, the library, and a silver screen feature at the movie theater.  What is a silver screen feature?? Every Monday at 1:00 pm the local movie theater shows an old TCM movie and admission is only two dollars. The two dollars also includes a small popcorn and coke per ticket!! Kids absolutely loved it, the fact that it was black in white didn't bother them at all. 

  Most every day I've been taking the kids to the park to get their wiggles out, we usually go in the morning and then head back home for lunch. Bella has been surprisingly outgoing at the park, she's very determined to find and make new friends. Since I tend to be more on the shy side, I'm very impressed by her diligent efforts. 

 Life goes on, we're all adjusting and keeping busy. The kids are happy, and I'm just praying they're not driving my inlaws crazy! They've been more than gracious to us, and haven't given the slightest indication of being overwhelmed. But still, three energetic kids is a lot for anyone to get accustomed too. 

 I do miss my friends and family, and I'm so grateful to live in the age of technology and cell phones that allows living long distance to actually be doable. I've been so busy getting into our new routines, that blogging has taken a back burner...However, I'm going to try and stay more current! I wholeheartedly plan to keep this up!

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