Monday, June 30, 2014

On breastfeeding

 Just wanted to share this quick pro-breastfeeding picture here on the safety of my blog. This goes out to anyone who's been harassed for breastfeeding past a year old! 

 I've breast fed all three of my babies, and all three times I got asked the, "so when are you going to stop that?" question. My response is always something polite, while inside I feel that twinge of aggravation. Because really, what business is it of anyone's how long I choose to breastfeed my baby? 

  I've heard some people say that the mother is "sick," or "can't let go". It's like a big moral problem to the non-nursers or outsiders. What I have to say is simple, there are more important things for people to worry about than when a mother weans her baby. I don't ask impertinent questions to people when I'm concerned about blatant differences in our moral standards, and breastfeeding my 15 month old violates NO moral standards of any kind. I tend to wonder if people that get grossed out by nursing older babies have fallen prey to the over-sexualizing of the breasts. And really I pose a question? How is it that a nursing cover wreaks havoc on your comfort zone, but a woman in a bikini top is casual and normal? Think about it...why should mothers nourishing their children pay for the damage caused by Victoria secret and perverted magazines? Anyway, just a few inspired thoughts after seeing the above picture, and remembering some of my experiences while nursing my babies.

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