Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another update!

 Blogging has become near impossible these days. So to avoid starting a post that I will end up getting lost in drafts, I will just write a few updates. I'll start with Lucy, who is now all of 15 months old. I know...where has the time gone?? Lucy is walking all the time, and has been ever since we left Naples, go figure! She has a lot of teeth, sorry today I can't tell you how many...but when she opens her mouth I always think "wow, that's a lot more than I thought she had." Lucy has one answer to every question, "NO." It's really cute, she shakes her little head "no," to everything and anything anyone asks her. She also enjoys screaming "Da!" (Calling daddy) all the time, saying Mama is only once in a while. Lucy loves chocolate, m&m's in particular, pizza, and anything that's in my cup (not hers). 

 Jason and Bella are loving life in Boston. Top of their list of things to do include: the park, Target, jumping on beds, going to eat at Kelly's and rough-housing, lots and lots of rough housing. Both of my children are surprisingly outgoing in groups of children, I'm always surprised by this. Today at Barnes & Nobles story time I kept hearing kids talking and asking questions, and guess who they were? Yup, my two! Maybe they aren't introverts after all, maybe they're a chip off Jay's block, or something. Bella's birthday is fastly approaching, and this year there is a definite theme, Frozen. I have over the course of a month collected various Frozen presents to save for the big day. Frozen is in high demand, so Target either has nothing Frozen at all, or they have like one thing that you either buy right then, or it gets sold.  I really have come to dislike shopping for hard to find popular stuff, only fun part is when I do find something, I feel like I've won some sort of scavenger hunt. And because I've won the hunt, I feel the need to call at least two people and share the victory news. 

  Jay is still studying. That's all I'll update on him, please remember him in your prayers. The bar is at the end of July...Counting down the days! 

  Nothing to really share on my part, same old,same old. Only thing I can think of is that I started a new five minute makeup routine. I saw it recommended as a five minute mom-makeup routine on a vlogger that I follow. And all though I changed up a few of the products, I love how it's working out! Now do I do this every day? No. But I always wear makeup to church on Sunday, and I'm trying to get more into it again when going out. (And by out I mean Target, grocery store, etc) I know a lot of women these days are into the all natural look, hence no makeup. And most really pull it off beautifully! But I personally feel like a little color enhancement can only add to a look when done with taste. That being said, below is my new routine!
 I always wash my face and moisturize before applying my makeup. I'll list each product in order of use.
 1. Neutrogena combination moisturizer
2. Under eye cream, also neutrogena
3. Estée Lauder eye concealer

4.  Revlon. Nearly Naked pressed powder
5. Clinique Blush, (I've had same tube for four years!)
6. Mac eyeshadow in "Sable" (lightly on the crease)
7. Almay eyeliner for brown eyes, or sometimes just a brown eyeliner
8. Usually I use Loreal or Maybelline, but right now I'm using N.Y.C
9. Last but not least, my Burt's Bees lip gloss 

Like I said, I don't do this daily, but when I want to look a little extra special I know this routine won't dissapoint! Light, natural and easy!


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