Sunday, May 25, 2014

We are here

 We are here! After driving over 1500 miles, and spending 25 hours in the car, we have arrived. We actually made it here late Tuesday night. So from my moms house in Lake City Fl, we drove it in two days. The kids did really well considering, they had their antsy moments, and little squabbles over electronics. But overall they did very well. Even little Lucy, who I felt the worst for, did so good, barely cried.

 Like I said above, we broke up the trip by stopping in Lake City Fl. to visit my family. And the way the timing worked out we were able to be there for my brother Joey's first communion. My grandmother came up to see us and attend the communion, so Lucy and Jason got to meet their Great-Grand for the first time! 

 I put some of my time on Pinterest to good use, and baked a cake to help celebrate the communion. Although the cake looks completely amateur and homemade, I was quite proud. And more importantly, Joey loved it!

 We also celebrated my birthday at my moms house, I turned 29! I feel so old typing a nine after the two! Crazy..., I'm going to be thirty in a year! My friend Jesse from law school gave me the best birthday present I've received in years! (Sorry Jay!) She gave me a beautiful bottle of Gucci Flora perfume.

 It smells so fresh and beautiful, thank you Jesse! I absolutely love it! 



  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Great job on the cake!

  2. Welcome to New England!! Can't wait to "really" meet you!! Let me know when you want to meet up sometime!!!

  3. O.k. that was me, Julia, not my husband.... sorry forgot to log him out....


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