Sunday, April 13, 2014


  Somewhere down the line I stopped participating in WIWS posts, I think partly from not really liking my wardrobe much these days.Today I felt differently for some reason, so here it is, what I wore Sunday. 

 This is quite possibly one of the most awkward pictures I've ever seen. With Jay you only get one try. Anyway here it is:
Dress: Target
Shoes: Target
Beads: They belonged to Jays Italian Grandmother, and were given to me.

 I realize Bella looks like she's dressed for Easter Sunday, and yes I know it's only Palm Sunday. But that isn't her Easter dress, and that isn't her Easter hat, so that makes it alright...right? We don't really adhere to the rules of when to wear what, like no white shoes until when? Maybe we will one day, but right now practicality calls for us just getting to church, dressed in our finest. Do other people follow those rules strictly? Maybe it's a thing of the past. 


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  1. Only one try for WIWS!?? Oh no! You need to get your kids to take kids take all mine, and I make them take about 100 until I find a good one. LOL

    You both look great!


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