Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Struggles, and a favorite old movie!

 Ever have a day where you feel completely frustrated in your vocation? Where you feel like your children aren't getting anything you're trying to teach them...You look around and instead of a picture from Better Homes and Gardens, your home looks more like an advertisement for Hoarders Buried Alive. That's the kind of day I was having this past Saturday, complete with Bella behaving very rudely in front of our neighbors...and Jason running out in the road and nearly getting killed. I may seem like an overprotective mother when I harness my three yearold son with his monkey leash, but he's an unpredictable energetic little boy. I may seem like I'm nitpicking when I correct my daughter about her manners with others around, but repitition is key, and children have a keen sense of knowing when we're vulnerable and less guarded. 

  Anyway, later on Saturday night I had a near breakdown feeling insufficient thinking of all the pressures of parenting, cleaning, running a home and how difficult these aspects of my vocation can be. I may or may not have had a good cry, or at least tried to cry, because being on a diet the brownie wasn't an option. 

 Jay has been spending quite a bit of time in the library these days, which I think is the best place for him, free of distractions. On Sunday he was stationed in the library once again, so the kids and I decided to pay him a little visit. While we were there, we checked out the little children/family corner. Bella was fascinated with their selection of childrens books, and I was intrigued by their collection of classics on DVD. One of my favorite old movies caught my eye, Yours, Mine and Ours, starring Lucille Ball! Jay checked it out for me, and after the kids were bedded down I sat up to watch it by myself. (Jay still being in the library) Ending my long weekend by watching that movie was therapeutic for this mothers heart. Seeing how the family was portrayed as a work in progress, sacrificial and not perfect really spoke to me in an encouraging way. Not to mention the prolife aspects of the movie, they don't make them  like that anymore! 

 If you're stressed, and your struggles have got the best of you, take my advice, something as simple as watching an old movie with a good message can be so encouraging. I've always been an old movie fan, there's just nothing they make these days that give you that same kind of wholesome entertainment. (With a few minor exceptions) 

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