Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Recipe included

  Every time I say I'm going to pack something up, someone starts crying or falls off a table. Packing with a toddler is insane. But she's more important than a perfectly packed house, so we're taking a lot of breaks.

 I was on Pinterest and saw a couple of funny moving themed pins, below are a few.

  I'm not sure if this one's even real? Doesn't seem possible, definitely not legal. Jay says that's called negligence "per se".


   Jay's all about one trip...not dragging stuff out, but he'd never try to pull something like that. 

   I did manage to get one trash bag of clothes along with a box off other stuff dropped off at the Goodwill. Little by little, we're going to get it all done. 

  Since we have less than two weeks remaining, I'm trying to use up my freezer and pantry items. And last night I hit upon a keeper meal, by chance. Jay said it was good enough to blog about, so here it is.

 Crockpot  Pulled Pork Crunchy Taco's

1 small boneless pork butt
1 can of crushed pineapple
2 bay leaves
Three cloves of garlic
Couple tbls of olive oil
1/2 an onion
Crunchy taco shells
Top however you like, I topped with sautéed onion tomato and Catalina dressing. Jalepenos would have made a nice spicy addition! 

   Put all ingrediants together in your crockpot, set on low for six or so hours. When done pull out and shred with a fork, you can pour some drippings on top for added flavor. Warm taco shells, fill and top with your favorite toppings! Easy, affordable and quite tasty! Sorry I don't have a picture to add, dinner was too chaotic to do anything other than make sure little people were eating. 


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