Sunday, April 27, 2014

Questions & answers

I was tagged by Amelia at One Catholic Mama to answer a few questions, so now like three weeks later... here it goes!

1. Describe your perfect day: Jay would be home and have absolutely NO homework, everyone would be healthy and happy. We would spend the day doing family activities, have Thai food for dinner, and watch a good movie after the kids were in bed. Oh, and there would also be a slice of chocolate cake involved, or Key Lime Pie.

2.  What type of house do you live in? I live in a villa/duplex on the law school campus.

3. Do you know your neighbors and are you friends with them? Yes! I know quite a few of my neighbors here on campus, and two of my besties down here are my neighbors!

4. Did you go to college? What for? Yes, I went two years to Ave Maria University. Liberal Arts.

5. Name one weird thing about your house: The entire house (minus kitchen and bathrooms) has linoleum floors...which gives the entire house a kitchen feel. At first it really was weird, but now we've all adjusted.

6. Have you ever had a serious illness or disease? the grace of God I thankfully have not. After my c-sections I give the illusion that I have a serious illness, but in reality I just look like a dead person while I recover.

7.  Ever almost die? That's a tricky one, I've never come close to dying, but I've been in a situation that I could have died. When I was sixteen I was the passenger in a very bad car accident. The car nose dove into a ditch and flipped three times. It was a miracle that neither of us were seriously injured or killed. All I had was a bloody knee. I really felt like it was miraculous that I was able to walk out of that car. I did suffer with a lot of post traumatic stress driving in cars after. I learned it really only takes a split second to lose control of a car.

8.  Do you prefer silence? Or the noise of something? I feel like it depends, I enjoy silence at home when I'm reading or online. But I love having music in the car, or while I'm cleaning.

9.  What color are my walls? Antique white...I think.

10.  Do you like where you live? I do, although I'm only here for two more weeks, I have come to enjoy a lot of what Naples has to offer.

11.  What type of clothing do you typically wear? I wear whatever fits and looks like it's not completely dated. One day if I have the means I plan to spend more time and effort developing my style, just not happening right now while we're in law school limbo. But I enjoy collecting pins on pinterest of different outfits and dresses I'd like to try, its almost like actual shopping!

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  1. Aww...I miss living on campus! Those were fun times!


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