Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finals week

 Finals week has officially begun, Jay has one down and three to go. We both have been kind of calm this go round, it reminds me of the final month of pregnancy. The feeling that you're just done, you're not miserable or worried, but can't imagine it lasting even another month or two. So all in all, we're in a good and exciting place, law school is almost over!! Hooray! 
I am very proud, and excited for him, and "us". We are all three years older and one of us is a law degree wiser. 

  I was thinking about all the different things that have happened during our time here, so many firsts among them. I compiled a short random list. 

  1. Jason Jr took his first steps
  2. Jason Jr spoke his first words
  3. Bella started speaking in full sentences
  4. Bella started Montessori and now kindergarten 
  5. Lucy!! (Was born)
  6. Lucy turned one
  7. Lucy takes her first steps
  8. Lucy says her first few words
  9. Jason celebrated all three of his birthdays here
 10. Bella started reading
 11. Jay turned the big 30 and then celebrated two more b'days
 12. Jay got his first gray hairs...
 13. Jay learned to juggle a wife three kids and law school and not lose his mind,
 14. still here. Not a lot of firsts for me, only thing I can think of is that I got a few wrinkles, and started a blog...In all seriousness though, I have become more thankful for all I have, and how blessed we are. It's hard during times of transition,( hence law school) to not sort of live in the future. I'm working on being more present in my now, and not live so much for what lies ahead. 





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