Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter weekend was quite the whirlwind this year. On Saturday the kids and I went to the St. John's annual Easter egg hunt. They had an intense time competing to pick up the most eggs without being trampled by other more eager hunters. Really. You think adults can get crazy on Black Friday, well they don't have anything on egg hunting toddlers, these kids take it very seriously. 

 After the hunt we hurried home to prepare for my nieces birthday pool party. The party was fun and the kids had a blast, and Bella actually left without having a meltdown...Now in retrospect I'm a little confused with myself as to why I scheduled two big stressor outings alone in one day? For me it's like running in a marathon, when you don't even run normally. I do things low key and close to home during the week, so a pool party and an egg hunt are big activities for us.

Easter Sunday came bright and early, we rose at 7:00 am. We wanted to do baskets early so we could make it to the 9:00 am mass. I had been scarred years prior when we foolishly had tried the 11:00 mass, the people come out of the wood work, seriously, too crazy for this Sunday mass regular. 

  After mass we snapped a few shots in the church prayer garden, a beautiful little place my children love to walk through...or crawl in Lucy's case.

  Everyone had new clothes! Except me...I really don't mean to sound like a martyr. I honestly don't care at all, and I'm less stressed wearing the clothes I already have that "fit," rather than having to go shop and spend money on something else. The girls (I love saying the girls) dressed matching, as you can see, and their dresses I ordered from The Children's Place. Jason Jr. stole the show in his adorable little Easter outfit given to him by his Godmother and one of my bestie's his Auntie Olivia. Auntie Olivia is known for her impeccable taste, proven by how sharp little Jason looked, a lady at mass went so far as to tell me he was the "best dressed" in the whole church. 

  Easter dinner we had at my sisters house, along with Easter dessert, of course. The day was calm and peaceful, and it really made my day when Bella came up and told me that it was the "best Easter ever!" 

Ps. Didn't I say there'd be doughnuts??!

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