Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick takes

1. Since having children I have become not a beach person. Mainly due to laziness mixed with the fears of sharks, jellyfish, strong waves, sunburns and chaos. My friend and neighbor down here is much more adventuresome than I, and regularly takes all three of her littles to the beach. She finally convinced me to come along and try a beach trip without the security of daddy....And, we all survived! Jason loved playing in the sand and running in the waves, Lucy loved playing in the sand, tasting the sand, and splashing in her little wade pool. Mommy had fun too, I got to visit with my two friends who also live here on campus. And I got to even get a little sun! Just wish I had sprayed my back with sunblock sooner, I'm a little burnt. Jay kindly went out and bought me some aloe which helped calm that burn feeling. I'm glad I went, and hope to get out there again before we move.

2. After 7 months of Jason's hair growing out from the shave I gave him in September, I finally took him to a barbershop for a big boy cut! He was more than hesitant before hand, "I don't want a hair cut mommy!" I must have heard it five times on the trip to the barber. However, my little guy did not disappoint, he took it like a brave little man! And his hair looks great!

3. I've started a new diet/exercise plan, and it's kicking my butt. Really. I'm trying to stick with it, and so far I have! I'll write about it when I'm done. Pray for me! My will is weak.

4. I'm ashamed of myself for not sticking to my Lenten sacrifices as diligently as I should have. I have a million excuses that no one wants to hear, so I'll spare you. But with Holy Week approaching I want to step up my game. 

5. Have you ever forgotten how fun something can be with the right company? That's how I feel about the mall. A friend and I (and our kids) hit up the mall today for some fun browsing and play at the indoor play area. We had a great time, the mall wasn't the usual mad house that ordinarily keeps me away. We browsed through Macy's where we sampled a bunch of different lovely smelling perfumes. I chose to wear one that I found early on, and the name of it has completely left my mind. Towards the end though, my friend and I found our favorite of all the fragrances Miss Dior. There's something about having an elegant perfume to wear that brings out the lady feminine feel in myself. Hence one day worth the investment. 

6. Chewy the dog is becoming quite the country dog. I am pleased to report that in spite of his rough start, he has adjusted well to the farm life at my mother's house. He no longer barks at all the other pets, and actually enjoys their company. I am so pleased that the transition is going well.

7. For my last quick take, I just want to say how happy I am to have my Catholic faith. No matter where I go, or where we move, when I genuflect before the altar I have that same peaceful feeling that I'm home.

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