Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Barrister's Ball

 I'm a little late in posting about the Barrister's ball, it was a week ago....but better late than never! The day of the ball I decided to ditch the dress I picked up from Ross, it felt to close to the feel of a moo moo. A friend had mentioned she felt that maxis looked like moo moos on her, and when I put on the dress again...all I could think was moo moo. Yeah... Sooo, I went back in forth between two formal options I already had hanging in my closet, and only minutes before stepping out the door I finally chose my black lace semi formal. 

 We arrived fashionably late, not much, but being the type of person who can't stand to be late 20 minutes was a lot. On our way I realized that I didn't know where we were going, I had in my head it was at the same place the first ball was held. Thank goodness a friend who was attending answered her phone and kindly gave us the necessary directions to find it. 
 The cocktail appetizer/ portion was held out on the grass which backed up to the sand of the beach. The sun was starting to set, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was fun to see everyone all dressed up in formal attire, especially all the different dresses. 

In retro-spect I should have had Jay give me back my clutch...Usually it's a diaper bag instead of a clutch. The dinner and dancing was held in the hotel ballroom which had a gorgeous view of the beach. Filet mignon was the main course, served alongside was asparagus and a potato pie which looked exactly like cheese cake...the dessert was a chocolate and vanilla mouse served with berries. Both Jay and myself agreed that the food was excellent, and the company was even better! We had two other couples that we knew seated at our same table, and it does make a huge difference to be among friends. The first year I sat at a table with strangers, and the experience was completely different. Jay and I enjoyed getting out on the dance floor,  although I must admit I felt a little old when 10:30 rolled around and I was more than ready to head home! Old, we are getting old. The night was a success, good food, good friends and celebrating the close of a very long, very productive chapter of our lives. Cheers to the end of law school!


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  1. You look great!! Sounds like a fun time! And, I love the dress you wore!


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