Monday, March 10, 2014


 A while ago I wrote a post entitled "moving on," I now realize I published said post a bit prematurely. Our move destination has now changed, instead of Steubenville we are now going to Boston. Surprise! 

 This time in our life is full of transitions, and I'm realizing how nothing can be certain or fully planned. We make plans and set goals, and at the end of the day we have to trust that God knows best, and trust in Him. With that being said, we will be moving to icy New England where Jays family live. If anyone who reads my blog is from Boston and has any tips or info please do share! 

 This is how I imagine I'll look playing in the snow! I know how unrealistic it is, but I need to think positive about the snow, think positive. After spending nearly three years back in Fl, and southwest Fl at that, my blood has definitely thinned. For instance, if the temp in the house drops below 73* I am cold, and definitely warming the place up. And yes...I know Ohio has tons of snow too, but I've heard Boston is even colder. 

 However Boston is a lovely historic city, and it will be nice to have Jays family near. I just need to find a good sale on winter coats and boots, because we're all going to need them!


  1. Well, I'm bummed for Ems... but happy we'll get to meet!! If you need anything let me know. Snow isn't that bad :)

  2. Thanks Julie! It'll be fun to meet!

  3. YEAH! ....for selfish reasons of course! Yes it has been a freezing/snowy winter but spring WILL come :-) when is the move?

  4. The move will be some time mid may


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