Thursday, March 13, 2014

Getting ready for the "Ball"

 Last year we skipped the Barrister's ball because I was recovering from my c-section. But this year I was set on us going, it's our final year, and we know more people so it should be fun. Only problem was that I was going to have to figure out something formal to wear...My options were limited to either finding something at a bargain store or wearing my cocktail length dress that's fitting a bit snug these days...(despite my best efforts). Sooo, I hit up Ross with the two younger ones and scored this little beauty:

 The dress was priced at only 16.00 and though I was nervous that it didn't seem formal enough, I knew I'd definitely wear it for another occasion. I bought it thinking I may still look else where but I'd have it to fall back on. And since the ball is only two days from today, looks like I will be falling back on it! The dress being on the casual side, I knew I was going  to need some new earrings to dress it up.Look what I found on sale at Target!

 I've also long been out of foundation and powder, so I made a Target run and tried out some new products for a change:

 I typically get overwhelmed when I buy makeup, so many options, so much matching colors with skin tones. After much deliberation and consulting Jay's trusted opinion( bc you know he used to do make overs for Clinique) jk! I finally chose Loreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup, in W 1-2 warm porcelain ivory. Next I picked out a Revlon pressed powder entitled...Nearly Naked in Fair Clair 010. And because I've developed a bit of the raccoon eye look, I also bought a tube of eye concealer to look less worn. I'm overall quite pleased with all the new make-up, and find that the colors do match pretty close to my actual skin color. The lipstick however was my only disappointment, I tried to buy a shade just a tint lighter than red....But when I brought it home and tried it, I found it more on the pink side. So frustrating! This always happens to me, hence I never ever like to buy lipstick.Boo. 

 I almost forgot to include the shoes, probably because they're nothing exciting, just a pair I picked up last summer for a wedding. But they'll do the trick I think:

  I guess this post serves as a summary of what you do for a ball when you have a Cinderella budget, but no fairy godmother. But I'm not complaining! I'm quite content with my loot, I just hope I'm not to underdressed! 

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  1. Have fun!!! Sadly, we never went to the barrister's ball any years, so I'm expecting another blog post with all the details on how it went. ;)


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