Monday, March 24, 2014

A Lenten recipe!

  This recipe has been a Lenten favorite for a couple of years now. You may read this and think "she's crazy, I would never make that," but trust me, it's delish. 
Tuna Quaesadilla's 

Ingrediants: 4 soft shell taco's
                   1 can of tuna drained
                   1/4 of an onion diced
                    2 hand fulls cheddar cheese
                    1/2 avacado
                    Taco sauce/ sour cream for dipping

    Heat a skillet and add a little bit of butter or olive oil. Mix can of tuna with a small amount of mayo, as if your going to make it into sandwiches and set aside. Add onion to hot skillet and sauté, I add seasonings or salt and pepper to give them more flavor. Also you could add peppers if you like. Take them out and set aside. Add more butter/oil and place two of the shells flat into the pan. Allow to brown some, then add tuna, onion and cheese. Cover with remaining two shells and flip to cook other side. Serve on a plate with taco sauce, chopped avacado and sour cream. 

  If you like tuna melts you'd probably like this recipe, it's a nice alternative to a plain tuna sandwich. And it also saves the day when you find yourself out of bread and stocked with taco shells!

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