Monday, February 24, 2014

Just a few thoughts

Why do I blog? I know some of my family and friends were a little confused when they heard I was blogging. "She wasn't any sort of journalism major?..." " Doesn't she just sit at home all day with her kids?" "Blogging hmmm..." 

 I admit it's more probable that I'm just speculating people wondering these things, I'm not sure that more than three people read my blog anyway. But no matter how many or if anyone reads my blog, I wanted to list a couple of reasons why I do blog. I will also list a few things I'm not trying to do while blogging. 

1. I enjoy blogging. Simple as that, I enjoy the outlet of just blogging to share or state my opinion however I wish.

2. I enjoy being able to give a realistic glimpse of our lives to friends and family.

3. Blogging has given me a sense of connection and community in a time of my life that I really needed it, because having one car makes it hard for me to get out much.

4. Through my blog I hope to be encouraging to others who may have similar lives or interests. 

5. One day I can look back at my blog and recall the small things that I otherwise would have surely forgotten.

6. Being more introverted, blogging is a way to express myself in a comfortable way with little to no confrontation!  

  Now I'll get into a list of things that I'm not going for with my blog.

1. Not trying to look like an expert, on anything.

2. Not trying to make anyone feel bad about our differences. 

3.  Not trying to sound like I don't enjoy my children...Whenever I say things that sound sarcastic, I'm just being light hearted and making fun of my own parenting. I love each of my children dearly, and love being their mom. 

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  1. Love these reasons, I feel the same way. There is just something about putting your thoughts down and recording all the good, bad, and sometimes crazy parts of this life with lots of little kids. Also, That Christmas pic is the cutest ever!!


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