Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jay's Birthday!

 Today I'm having sugar withdrawal...again, Jay's birthday cake was just too tempting to resist. The cake had four layers of yellow Publix baked goodness, with whipped butter cream icing. The cake was delish, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed, thank you bakery people for making my day that much easier!

 We had a lovely little family party, with build your own burritos (birthday boy requested) and I even braved the alcohol isle and bought a six pack of Mikes hard "raspberry" lemonade. I have no idea why I used the word braved, I guess it's because I can count on one hand how many times I've actually purchased alcohol "beer" with children in the cart. It feels weird to me, almost as if I'm saying "Yes, I do have my hands full," and I'm looking for help, from Mike. It's funny because I'm not even the one who drinks it!!

  The kids and I made one very long drawn out stop at the infamous Dollar Tree, where we shopped with purpose to find a couple items to wrap for daddy. I love the Dollar Tree, I do, but some how I never seem to remember that it's not the type of place you can just run in and run out. Add a three year old and a five year old, and you've almost got yourself a mini Black Friday of shopping confusion. My kids literally think everything at Dollar Tree is free, and that we cannot live without whatever has caught their fancy, which isn't hard, all it has to do is jingle or sparkle, or have a monkey on it and they're sold. But I must admit, I do enjoy being able to say you can both pick out something, because they love it! They have no sense of the fact that it's Dollar Tree, they just think it's the best place because mom usually always lets them choose one thing, with no price limitation. And I know, I know, there's no reason for them to be able to pick something out every time we go, and better more character building mothers are probably scandalized...but, their my babies, and it won't be long before the time passes where the dollar tree isn't so grand. 

 I have to share a picture of the card that my five year old little girl picked out for her daddy, it was both hilarious and slightly embarassing. 
 Jay actually read it out loud to everyone, and what made it hilarious was imagining this message coming from our sweet petite lady like Bella, who I might add is not a jokester, thank you Dollar Tree! The laugh we all had was well worth the .50 $ cents of the card. 

 Jay so kindly told me he had one of the best birthdays ever, which as humble and chaotic as it was says a lot about his shining character. He really is the best, the kids can't get enough of him, even Lucy often times chooses Daddy over me. We are one lucky bunch to have a Daddy like Jay, I look forward to celebrating many more chaotic, love and kid filled birthdays with him in the future.


  1. What a fun time! Happy birthday, Jay! We look forward to celebrating with you all this time next year:)

  2. So sweet! You do have such a good man!


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