Monday, February 10, 2014

Short post

After much back and forthing, because there isn't a decisive bone in my body, I put my big girl pants on and got a haircut. Three years of letting it grow gone with just a few snips. Do I like my new do?...Why yes. I do. Do I miss my long tresses? Mmm, to be honest I always do. But I am quite satisfied with my new look, and it feels amazing to not have the weight of so much hair! I can have my hair down all day and not feel hot or annoyed in the slightest.

      I never really thought beforehand about the kids reaction to my new hair, it didn't occur to me that there actually would be a reaction. Jason for the first two days just kept telling me that he really missed my long hair, and kept asking me to grow it back. Bella on the other hand was convinced I was sporting a wig...thanks kids!

 Valentine's day is practically here, does that feel kind of quick to anyone else? I feel like we just took down the Christmas decor. I must be getting old, you will never here a child complain "How is it my birthday already?" Or any words of disbelief where holidays are concerned. Why Isabella lives for her birthday, literally.
 With the time passing so quickly it becomes a constant battle to live in the present moment. I find my mind wandering all to often to our upcoming move and all that it will entail. The time we have now, despite all the uncertainty is quite nice and unique. We live on campus amongst many other wonderful people and families who are all working towards the same goal. The sun shines practically everyday, and we are nearly never cold. Life is good, even when time is short.

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