Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Resolutions Post

I didn't watch the ball drop, come to think of it, I don't think I really ever watch. So this year was no different, but I did stay up to ring in the new year. And in typical fashion, I have a few resolutions, yet instead of writing a list...I borrowed one from Scott Hahn! Here it is!

  I'm sure my family and friends will enjoy my company a lot more after I accomplish number one, always guilty of interrupting. I realize that this list sets the bar high, but aren't we suppose to when it comes to virtue? We never know how much time we have, and nothing is ever for certain. Too often I find myself thinking, "oh, I'll  work on that vice at a later time, I'm too busy with kids to change anything much now." I guess when I'm old and gray and have trouble hearing I'll have the drive to become more virtuous....Not likely. However somehow I feel that's kind of the faulty way I have things figured out in my head. New Years resolution, be a better person today, because I'm not guaranteed tomorrow. 

 I do have a couple of resolutions that were not explicitly mentioned in Dr. Hahn's list. Number 1. lose some weight, definitely not a thing Dr. Hahn mentioned. But as a woman, who is also a wife and mother, I would like to shape up and be a healthier more fit me. Second, try harder not to compare my family or family size with anyone else's family. There is no quota of children that I have to reach to gain happiness in heaven, or earn the coveted title of Large Catholic Family. We are only called to be open to life, my desire to have a large family should be founded in a peaceful trust in The Lord, and with that trust also have a patience for His timing.

Final resolution, clean better, organize more. I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that Mary Poppins will never be floating down to my home to teach me cleaning tricks and fun shortcuts. The reality is it's just me, the comet cleanser and one sad Black Friday sale Dirt Devil. And so, I found a pin on Pinterest I could do well to make use of.

I'm sure both my children and my husband have a list longer than a Christmas wish list of suggestions for resolutions. But for now this is more than enough to keep me busy! And now after having a long day with Lucy, I will be practicing number 7. enjoying without complaint her company until whatever hour she sees fit to call it a night!:) Happy New Year!!


  1. I love your New year's resolutions. Thanks for sharing hte Scott Hahn list....that is really insightful.

    And, I'm going to be working on keeping a cleaner house and getting better at housekeeping as well. It is my something I really need to work on.

  2. enjoy your little ones they grow up so fast hoy have plenty of time later to hsve everything
    organizeD thesek
    you're very very special time
    be your Easy going sweet self the ones that seem perfect have many issues you can never get these minutes back honey you just enjoy your husband children and home and later in life other things you can be happy and just be you you are blessed! I didn't realize I could write on this . I am The Queen of procrastinators God made me this way and he don't make junk. I know that's not correct English I love you mi ma xoxoxo

  3. please excuse all the errors I'm fairly new at this bye for now I hope to be chatting again soon love you so much I didn't know what to put for profile so I just put


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