Friday, January 10, 2014

Six quick takes Friday:)

 So we have officially survived the first week of the last semester of law school! Yay! One of us, however, almost didn't survive the week. Jason Jr...There were two incidents just today, falling off a bunkbed, and sticking a bead up his nose. The first accident he was thankfully not in need of anything more than a kiss and mommy hugs. The bead in the nose however, not a pretty picture. He immediately started panicking and caused the bead to go even further up. I had to call Jay and tell him to get home immediately there was an emergency. I'm not one to cry wolf, or emergency, so when I tell Jay it's an emergency he knows I'm not being dramatic. Long story short, the ER doctor looked up his nose and couldn't see the bead at all. The diagnosis was that he most probably swallowed the bead, or it's so high that we would have to see a ENT Specialist. We're hoping it's the first one.

  Instead of doing Weight Watchers online, which isn't really in my budget right now, I'm using the My Fitness Pal app. The app is great, it keeps me accountable because I'm logging it all in, and therefore aware how many calories I'm eating. Best part is the app is 100% free! No hidden charges, and no sign up fees. 

 I just found out about the dress company Lindy Bop, through a friends blog that I read. They have the CUTEST retro style dresses I have ever seen that are not exuberantly priced. I'm just like a little kid using the whole "for my birthday" I'm treating myself to one of these little beauties excuse. And since Jay's  graduation is also in May, I already have a special occasion to wear it! 

  First year ever that we have all of our Christmas decorations down right after Epiphany! Except for the lights outside...oops. 
 Little miss Lucy Rose turned ten months yesterday; only two more months until my baby turns one! She now has six teeth, a head full of hair, and...she can say "Bella" and "DaDa." 

 Cannot think of anything else to add, sooo, I guess I only made it to six quick takes instead of seven, oh well:) Have a blessed weekend all!

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