Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick takes

1. I've been dragging my feet with blogging these days, just haven't felt like I have anything to say...I'm in a bloggers rut, anybody ever feel this way??? Sure doesn't seem like it from the blogs I follow, always interesting stuff, my hat is off to you fine bloggers!

2. While shopping in Walmart yesterday I heard them announce over the intercom, "Attention Walmart shoppers, please take a moment to look in your shopping cart and make sure the items inside are yours, if they aren't please return the cart to customer service, and please be sure that you don't take other shoppers carts." I felt sorry for the poor soul who was walking around with some other annoyed shoppers cart.

3. I'm going to be obnoxious for a minute and share the fact that I've exercised four times this week!! I use the word obnoxious because I know how hard it can be to hear about all these people exercising when I barely get the luxury of a shower...But I guess when you have someone to help make it happen, or a long nap time for the kids, it is possible to get a short workout in. 

4. My God-daughter Simona turned one today!! A special shout out to her, Happy Happy Birthday baby doll! I wish we could be there to celebrate with you!:)
 Only really cool girls can pull off leopard:)

5. Today I paid a visit to my sister's kiddies,while there I snapped the following picture of two of the cousins:

 This handsome youngster is my 2 year old nephew Jacob, and as you can see in the picture he is quite the gentlemen. He had endured at least two pinches from his little cousin, and was a perfect gentlemen by not returning the pinches.

6.  I have an extremely low tolerance for suspenseful shows that show the least bit of violence. That being said it becomes hard to find any shows that Jay and I both find entertaining. He gets bored and annoyed with my picks, and I can barely breath watching his. We are presently trying the show most of America has already seen..24. Waste of time? Any thoughts??

7.  I'm done for the night at only six takes, too much suspense trying to multitask watching 24 and blogging! 

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