Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend adventures!

 You know what's worse than the regular Monday blues? Monday blues during finals week, when you still haven't recovered from weekend excursions as a solo parent. Jay has been studying non-stop for days preparing for one of his toughest finals that will be held today at 1:00. If you have a minute say a prayer for him please! I know he must be exhausted from late nights and the monotony of days of studying. Thank goodness it's him and not me having to memorize tons and tons of stuff, because really, I'm lucky to remember my kids correct birth dates and ages. Especially Lucy's age, because every month her age changes, and I sometimes find myself saying a month less than she actually is. I liken it to adjusting to the new year date change, when you write 2013 on everything, then scratch it out and force your memory to adjust. 

  Embracing the whole finals week mindset, I decided to get the kids out of the house as much as I could over the weekend. A friend told me about an event to be held this past Saturday called Snow Fest, and from the website it looked both fun and affordable. So early(not really 10:00 but early for us on a Saturday) Saturday morning I packed up the kids and headed out to attend Snow Fest. 

   Upon arriving, we were redirected to an of the lot parking site where they had school buses shuttling people back and forth. The kids were overjoyed about taking a ride on a real school bus! I was just the opposite, and completely overwhelmed with how I feared this would all go down. However the way to Snow Fest wasn't that tedious, we waited in a line for about 25-30 minutes, and we were efficiently dropped off with no confusion. 

   While at Snow Fest two of Jason's life long wishes were able to come true. First wish to ride a real horse, in this case a pony, but he didn't know the difference. And he was so brave! Didn't get scared at all, he loved it. 

 Bella got to have a ride as well, but sadly I didn't get my phone out quick enough to get a picture before she was too far in the distance. After the ponies we headed straight over to see the snow, in Florida snow apparently is a huge attraction. People were willing to wait in huge lines to just get 5 minutes in the snow area. My kids were among those we waited patiently in the hot sun to get our turn with the snow mountain.

Jason was a little freaked out, apparently he didn't know that not only is snow cold, it's also wet, and slippery. Bella must have memories of our northern days, because she seemed more familiar with the whole "snow is cold" thing. Any-hoo, second wish granted, Jason got to touch and play in real snow. 

 We then walked over to see the farm animals at the petting zoo, they had goats, chickens, ducks and I think bunnies. The kids really enjoyed the hands on part with the animals, especially the friendly little goat on a leash. Very cool.

Two whole hours of Snow Fest completely wore me out, so I decided to make our way out to the bus area. And as we did tons of other festers...because this was the line:
The line was every bit as long as it appears in the photo, and there were LOTS of line jumpers as well. To me that was the only hard part, bc I'm not really the type of person to speak out...especially when it's scary confrontational looking women...But in the end, we safely boarded the bus and made it back to our car. On the ride home I must admit I felt a huge sense of mom-pride, because now when someone boasts of doing Disney solo with little kids, I can brag that I've done Snow Fest alone with three little kids. And even if they have no idea what Snow Fest is, I'll know, and I'll feel proud;)

  And just because I'm a glutton for punishment, I went home and let the kids nap, and then I loaded them up again and headed to the mall for Chickfilae. They absolutely LOVE getting Chickfilae at the food court, and even more fun we sit (mommy included) at the mini kids tables that are just their size. The kids opted out of the play area;I think the bribe I offered to visit Santa along with being intimidated by the crowd of oversized rambunctious children were enough to sway them. We lucked up and arrived to visit Santa at the perfect time! The professional camera that takes HORRIBLY overpriced photos wasn't working, sooo, the photographer allowed me to snap some pics of my own! 

It's kind of embarassing, but Santa has to literally give us the boot, or else my children will talk his ear off...hmm, I wonder where they get that from?? Certainly not their introverted mother. I'll have to ask Jay's mother next time if he use to talk a lot with Santa. 

 That about sums up the weekend for the Palladino's, I'll finish with two photos that will give you an idea of the quality of chores and projects during finals in our home!

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  1. Ha...your gingerbread house looks great....I think the flat roof just makes it look Floridian.


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