Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas run down

   The Palladino household had a very merry Christmas Day, full of family togetherness, love, laughter, meltdowns and of course...presents!  On Christmas Eve we all got dressed up in our finest attire and went to mass at my sister's parish St. Peter's. The mass was beautiful, I love when churches are decorated for Christmas with all the lights and the beautiful Nativity scenes, it can't help but fill my heart with joy. After mass we took the usual Christmas pics in the front of the church, it was really cute to get some of the cousins together.

 We then headed home to enjoy the much anticipated cioppino, which was the only thing I had made for our Christmas Eve dinner. Long story short, the cioppino was an epic fail. But the good thing is I learned a very valuable lesson, never, ever, for any reason put seafood in your crockpot and hope that it turns out ok....bc it won't. I kind of had a bad feeling about putting it in the crock, but I decided to risk it bc I didn't want to cook after mass. Next year I will be going the McRib value meal route, hot and ready, and always tastes the way it's supposed to.

Christmas morning came far too quickly for Jay and I, typical kids jumping on top of us screaming that Santa had come. We opened presents galore for about a solid thirty minutes...or less. The children were overjoyed with all the excitement and new toys! My gifts to Jay were a hit, new jeans, new button down shirt, and...a pool table! How does a poor wife of a student afford such an extravagant gift? One must only wonder...Well here's the secret, anyone can afford a pool table when it's the size of a ten gallon fish tank. Jay made the joke that when asking for a gift, it's very important to be specific. He's always wanted a pool table, just never thought he'd get the "table top" size!  Despite the small size of the table, we've already had a ton of fun playing and also a few competitive matches...or whatever you call a competitive pool game! 
Sorry Jay! I know this picture isn't the most flattering of you...but I know how you don't like posing for it's one of the only shots I have! 

 I'll be humble and post a pic that you'd swear I was about six months along in, only I'm not:( 

Note to self, side posing with a baby in hand, not so flattering... Anyways, the day was topped off with a big family dinner that we hosted for my sister and her family, and we all had a jolly old time.  

 And now tomorrow is New Years already!!! Stay tuned for my New Years resolutions, I always make- em and always brake-em. But this year, however, I intend to make them more realistic than I have in the past. A safe and happy New Year's Eve to one and all! 

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