Friday, December 6, 2013

Seven quick takes

 Last night I watched the much anticipated tv live performance of The Sound of Music, while is wasn't what I expected, I did overall enjoy it. Carrie Underwood's singing made up for what she lacked in acting talent. I think that the main thing that bothered me was the misplaceing of some of the songs...just can't get used to Favorite Things not being sung with the children. But it was still fun, and it was the closest thing I've seen to a real play in forever. 
 Jason got a one hundred piece robot puzzle for his birthday, and he's been begging me ever since to play puzzles with him. So today while Bella was at school and Lucy was napping, I decided to play puzzles, thinking we could knock it out in a quick 15 minutes...An HOUR later I decided that my brain must be suffering from some sort of post natal lack or sleep trama, and I gave up and called Jay out to finish it. I think I should be worried?...But I'm choosing to just forget about it. This is the 100 piece puzzle probably geared for 4 year olds that I at 28 couldn't finish:
3. I know a lot of people aren't easily frightened by bugs or crawling creatures...but I am NOT one of those people. A very upsetting creature that looks exactly like this,(pic below) showed up on our front stoop/porch about a week ago. He comes out every night and just sits there looking all scary and sneaky...
I'm scared to death he's going to jump down on us one of these days. And tonight I looked out the window and witnessed how aggressive he is when he is on the hunt. Poor moth. I don't like moths either, but it was still disturbing. 

Today was of course St. Nicholas day, and I totally would have forgotten if it hadn't been for my sister buying the chocolate coins for me, and my mother reminding me a couple of times yesterday not to forget. The kids were excited to find the chocolate coins in their shoes, I forgot to tell them about it it was a pleasant morning surprise!

I've been trying to decide what I'm making as my main course for Christmas Day dinner, I'm at the moment between a rib-roast, a ham or maybe beef Wellington. But I still remain undecided, soooo, if anyone has any ideas or great Christmas dinner recipes, or even side dish recipes I'd love for you to share!
 I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but have to admit I'm just fine with a warm one instead. Naples winters have spoiled me, I'm at the point that if it's in the low sixties I'm bundling everyone up like we're headed out into some type of snow storm. It just amazes me how our bodies and tolerances can change so quickly, I used to make fun of the Naples Eskimos, now 2 1/2 years later I'm becoming one of them.

I was thinking of all the places I've lived throughout my life, and how I just want to be settled in one place for a long stable time. However, I have made some of the greatest friends along the way, and they are such a blessing, and if I hadn't moved so much, some I may never of met.  My friends truly are the best, most are the type that no matter how long it's been since last we spoke, we can just right away pick up right where we left off. And since I'm a big time introvert, I tend to have close lasting friendships rather than tons and tons of friends where ever I go. Although having tons and tons of friends is very nice too:) Thats all I've got for now, sorry it wasn't the best post today! I'm ready for the weekend:)

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  1. We always make ham for Christmas

    I hate puzzles, so a 100 piece puzzle would totally annoy me...and wow that's really difficult for a 3-year old.


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