Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jason's b'day

 Today my sweet little fun loving Jason Jr. turned "three," and all I can say is "where has the time gone?!" It's one thing when your oldest is growing up and has reached the official "big kid"status,but  some how it's extra shocking when it's your second born.

    We had as you may remember, already celebrated and had a birthday party for him last week while my mother was here. So today I planned to keep it low key, but still try and do some activities that Jason finds fun. And what does Jason find fun? Toys "R" Us,(no brainier with that one) and the car wash!! First we hit the car wash, I quickly gave the car a much needed vacuuming, and after we went though the very exciting...automatic car wash! I think the reason Jason loves the car wash so much has a lot to do with his robot obsession, because most mechanical machines he sees as robots these days. Next we went to Toy-land, aka Toys "R" Us, where a kid can be a basket case over all the random stuff mom refuses to buy! I'm exaggerating just a tiny bit, Jason was actually pretty good considering how overwhelming all the toys and decisions can be. He finally settled on a Mickey Mouse play-doh set and an Angry Birds watch. 

  I had planned to make a cake, even though he already had his wonderful robot cake, we still had to have cake on his actual birthday. Only the rest of the day some how got away with me, and I found myself in the kitchen at 6:30 throwing together a very sad non-Pinterest robot cake...
Yeah...don't think anyone would be pinning this masterpiece...There's a huge difference between the first cake and this cake, take a look.

 Thank goodness my mom had come to help me out! Or poor Jason wouldn't have the memory of this Pinterest worthy cake that she mostly made. Kids are so easy in someways, bc even though my cake was pathetic, Jason was so happy with it! Mission thankfully once again acomplished. We are so blessed to have little Jason in our lives; and I look forward to continue watching him grow up, just hopefully not to quick! 



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