Monday, December 2, 2013

A Bella story

 Thanksgiving break was officially over this morning, which meant back to our normal wake-up time and morning routine. Only today, unlike every other school morning, I was not packing Isabella's lunch, I was adamant, she will buy today.  Bella happens to be one of the most, how shall I say this with charity... "selective" eaters I have ever met in my life. The only thing she will eat in her lunch is tuna fish sandwiches. I have tried multiple other types of sandwiches, as well as other lunch options, but still, she refuses to eat them. Drives me cray-cray...After opening her lunch box and finding her sandwich yet again untouched, I decided that like it or not Isabella would be buying her lunch today. 

  I was nervous to tell her about my decision, knowing her temperment I expected it not to go over well. Bella is a creature of habit, always has been. She began her time at school packing lunch, and she wasn't the least bit interested in doing it any other way. But as a mother I was caught between a rock and a hard spot, it's not healthy to eat tuna everyday, just as it's not healthy to skip your lunch altogether every day. So I made the decision that she had to try the cafeteria food, it was the only option I hadn't given a try. I waited until she was fed and dressed and minutes away from leaving to break the news. And just as I feared, it did not go over well...There were tears, oh yes, tears over lunch. Jay had the job of dropping her off today, and in an attempt to calm her down about the change he promised her an item from the dollar tree if she agreed to eat the lunch. While I don't approve of my husbands methods, I cherish his sympathetic heart when it comes to his children.

  After all that, guess what? She LOVED the cafeteria lunch. She smiled from ear to ear as she proudly bragged about eating her entire lunch. I was relieved, one less battle to fight, and while I realize that she may not like the food everyday, at least she's open to the cafeteria food as an option.

  Bella has been the most challenging of my three thus far, she has a strong spirit and a will of iron. And while she can test me like no other, I also feel a sense of peace knowing that my daughter is a leader, not a follower. She knows who she is, and what she likes, she's not easily swayed, but can adapt to change when she sees that the change is good. And though she gives me a run for my money on a daily basis, I know that God has great things in store for my little girl, and I'm truly blessed to be the one who gets to be her mother. 

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  1. "also feel a sense of peace knowing that my daughter is a leader, not a follower. "

    I love this true!! All my kids are like this...they just know their mind, know what they want and don't give into pressure. It's a blessing and a cure (but mostly a blessing).


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