Sunday, November 24, 2013


  Time for another WIWS, and today I wore my old faithful black and white polka dot dress. I truly love this dress, I will be so sad if anything ever eventually happens to it. This is my go to dress for all different occasions like parties, holidays, mass, and if need be a funeral. Add a string of pearls to dress it up, or wear it with a sweater(like today) for a more casual look. Great dress.

Dress: Target
Sweater: Clothes Mentor
Silver shoes: Payless

Lucy was totally mesmerized by the little pebble brook behind us, and notice St. Francis looking all calm and peaceful in the background. Isabella was excited to be wearing polka dots and sparkle shoes just like her one of a kind mommy. I never see anyone else sporting outfits like mine, and I'm not sure what that means...If I had to describe my style, I'd describe it as something between Kate Middleton and Anna Duggar with a hint of orphan Annie. And I'm ok with that, my children always compliment me  and their sincerity makes me feel like a fashionista. 

  After mass, we headed over to our favorite Sunday luncheon spot, Costco. For only five dollars I can feed my whole family lunch! There's no beating that deal, I know, I've looked. And best of all the kids love going there, it's become our regular after mass routine. We eat our lunch in the overcrowded cafe, and then we walk through the toy isle and browse the fun holiday items. One thing that I find interesting about the Costco here in Naples is the average shopper, which is usually an elderly shopper. They load their carts with huge things of toilet paper and food, and I always wonder how in the world they will go through all that stuff? And I've also noticed that no matter how wealthy the people of Naples are, they still seem to thoroughly enjoy a cheaply priced hotdog and coke! If I was wealthy I'd probably be at one of those cute beach lunch spots, not an overcrowded warehouse store...But I've heard that the wealthiest people are often times the most thrifty, which would make sense in this scenario. 

 I had the cheaply priced hotdog, not seen in the photo. Gotta love Costco! We sure do:) Happy Sunday Everyone!


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