Sunday, November 17, 2013


  Sunday morning around my house is usually chaotic and stressful, it's like a big time game,with me frazzled running around trying to get everyone out the door for mass. This morning however was different, everyone had breakfast(blue berry pancakes) I showered and got everyone dressed and ready with time to spare. I even did all the dishes so I could come home and not have a mess. Wonderful right?? Well, there's one small catch...I got up at 7:30, and mass wasn't until 11:15. I've never given myself so much time before; usually if we get up at 7:30 we all hustle to make the 9:00. It was so nice to arrive on time for mass and not even feel rushed! As much as I am the complete opposite of a morning person(probably forever) the benefits of being up early on Sunday morning can be ignored no longer. From now on I will strive to rise at least 2  1/2 to 3 hours prior to our mass time.

 Now for WIWS, distant photo courtesy of my reluctant photographer husband.

Black Skirt: thrifted 
Purple tank barely visible:...Motherhood.Yes, on occasion I do still wear maternity even though I'm not expecting.
Denim Shirt/jacket: thrifted
Silver Sparkle Shoes: Payless

 Lucy Lou Who looked ravishing in her lovely red jumper dress ensemble. Her dress was another wonderful hand-me-down from Bella. 

 Tonight, since it is Sunday and all, I am making something a bit nicer for dinner, lamb tips with mushrooms over egg noodles. I've made lamb quite a few times in the past, and it almost always does turn out ok. We only eat it for special occasions, or when it's on sale like yesterday! 

 Happy Sunday to everyone! 


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