Sunday, December 1, 2013

A robotic birthday

 My mother, along with my four younger siblings drove down to spend Thanksgiving with us, so I decided to take advantage of having extra family around and have an early party for Jason's birthday. The party was of course, a robot theme, what else?! Robots are his absolute favorite thing in the whole world right now. To make his party possible, I carefully planned on a tight budget, we shopped for decorations and party supplies at the wonderfully priced Dollar Tree. I bought a white poster board to make my own "pin the batteries on the robot" game, that's about as crafty as I get.

  I'm the second of seven children, so needless to say my mother has baked many a birthday cake for us all through the years, and I was counting on her help. The party was planned to be held in the evening, which of course meant having lots of food, the equivalent of a dinner. I chose to serve a kid friendly menu, yet include some dishes that the adults would enjoy as well. I borrowed two recipes from a favorite blog Easy Rules by Ems and Jules, the two recipes were "shrimp tortellini," and "taco salad."I also made a crockpot full of cocktail style meatballs, (pinterest inspired) and last but not least bagel bite pizzas for the kiddies.

    To be fair, my mother deserves most of the credit of the cake assembly, I merely showed her a pic from Pinterest and she worked her magic and made it happen. The only thing I did was give input on colors, and at the very end I did the candy decorating, the fun part.  Both my mother and I were very pleased with our efforts, because the cake turned out amazing! Jason's birthday cake wish was definitely fulfilled.

  In the spirit of the robot theme, the kids decorated cardboard robots that came with stickers and goggly eyes that I lucked up and found at dollar tree. Surprisingly enough there is a ton of robot stuff out there, funny how I never notice what's out there until my kids get into it. 

I know I'm guilty of a photo overload here, but I'm using the whole "pictures worth a thousand words" motto. And since my children keep waking up...there is no way I will be typing a thousand words to describe his party tonight. Sooo, I'll wrap it up with a few more pics, and a big thank you to my generous family for helping to make his party so fun and memorable!
He absolutely loved his low key, family style birthday party, mission accomplished! 

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