Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I have a dream

 Back in the late nineties when I was your typical jumper dress wearing homeschooled pre-teen, one of my favorite series of all time was the Anne of Green Gables movies.  In the beginning of Anne of Green Gables, Anne expresses that if she could have one "wish" it would to be "divinely beautiful." I always liked that part of the movie bc I often use to imagine what I would choose if given the chance. My fourteen year old self who was insecure about looks and self image would probably have desired something more on the lines of being "divinely beautiful" ( in a late nineties sort of way.) 

 Here I am nearly double my life in age later and I still like to think of that same question. "If I could have any virtue or strength what would it be?" Only in recent years my answer has definitely changed. While beauty is still a desirable gift I would not be choosing it anymore. Instead I would choose hypothetically "two" gifts. The first would be patience. Inside of almost every holy person that I admire is a patient soul. There can never be an over abundance of patience in the life of a mother, as well as a wife. Too often I find my patience running low or completely run out. If I could practice patience purposely, I would like to hope that in time the practice would be come more habit forming. And the practice combined with "grace" I might yet become more patient. Although it would be so much easier to just wish myself into a virtuous patient person:/

  My second wish would be that I could become "by nature" an organized person with an eye for beauty. There is nothing more refreshing than rising in the morning to a well organized clean and tidy home. To know exactly "where" everything I need is to start our days without chaos...

Sorry if that may scandalize anyone; the fact that I have to "find" on a daily basis some of the things we need to start our day off. Yes, to be organized by nature would be positively wonderful. 
Above is one of my pins from Pinterest. Picture comes along with a tutorial on how to organize a workable laundry room. Isn't this laundry room lovely??!  I never realized how important organizational skills were until I had children. During college I was organized enough, but in college it was just me. And since I rarely ever surprise myself, being organized was easy-peasy. Marriage was probably the beginning of the "end" of having a well organized life, for me. All the sudden I had to be organized for a completely separate person, one whom I might add did not bring impressive organizational skills into the marriage. Some way, some how, as newly weds we found our way and survived with out any major mishaps. Then, came the children....and it was all over.The end. I was lost!! And remain lost. I have developed some different techniques known in our house as "systems." Jay is of the mind that our laundry "system" is the most flawed...Basic clothing needs are met with the "system," clean clothes, towels, socks. Flaws of laundry system include, never having matching socks, clothes not always finding their way to the dressers and some items have been known to go missing...

Hence my dream, to be patient and organized....*sigh.* I wonder what other people would choose? Probably not many people out there that think about this as much as I have:)


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