Thursday, November 14, 2013

How I cleaned the whole house in an hour flat.

  Have I ever mentioned how much I absolutely love cool crisp fall mornings?? Well I do. It warms my heart to walk outside and not immediately be hit by the harsh humid heat that makes up most of our South West Florida weather. I decided to take Lucy and Jason on a nice walk, the cool air was beckoning me out of doors. We first stopped at the mail boxes and did one of our twice weekly mail pickups(mailman must love 1036b) then we proceeded out to take our walk and enjoy our "cool front." And what a walk it was, one of the first walks in I don't know when where I arrived home and I didn't feel drenched by the humidity. 

  Lucy for the first time in weeks settled down for her nap peacefully on the first attempt. "Wow," I thought, "I'm going to get a little break!" No sooner had I thought this that I heard the doorbell ring....When I opened the door I was greeted by the director of campus housing along with the maintenance man, they informed me they were here for some sort of inspection....Knowing that my house was a mess, and remembering that this exact same scenario happened last year my embarrassment turned of my brain filter. And before I could stop myself I was saying "How is this happening AGAIN??!" The men looked a little surprised....I called for Jay who came out only to realize that "he" had once again forgot to tell me we were having our house check. Thankfully the housing director is a gentleman and offered to come back after checking some other houses, giving me a little bit of time to get the house in presentable condition. I broke out into full frantic clean mode, and after one crazy whirlwind hour my house was much less embarrassing. During my time cleaning a couple memes came to mind. First, this one:
 How true this is, in my mind anyway...Next this one: to keep the lights on more from now on....When the men showed back up a little over an hour later I felt like saying this,
 After the men left, and I sat down to recover I looked around at my clean house and thought of this.

  Oh yes, prascrastination is one of my worst downfalls, and I have found myself in many an embarrassing situation because of it. However...if I had the heads up,(Jason sr.) I can assure you I would have been ready and waiting:) Two lessons I learned from this are, getting excited about a "break" can often times jinx me...And keep a more tidy home, or be prepared for spontaneous humiliation. All this I guess keeps me humble, and for that I'm thankful.


  1. Wow..I can't believe you only check your mail twice a week. We were crazy about checking ours everyday, as soon as the mailman came. It's one of my neuroses...I always must get the mail immediately!

    And, we've had several of those house inspections where our house was a mess. I mean a MESS! It totally didn't matter, I mean, they never gave us any demerits or anything. LOL I think they only look for safety violations. We even had an illegal pet (a bird in a cage) and they didn't even care about that.

  2. Yeah, I forget to go get the mail all the time. Unless I'm expecting a package or something fun:)


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