Friday, November 1, 2013


I Happy All Saints day! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that today is November 1st! When I have a baby time just goes into this strange warp/limbo and it's as if I've lost months of my life. Cannot believe that after I "blink" it's going to be 2014. Not going to go into a rant on all the major decisions and changes that 2014 will bring for us. I'll write on that when I'm not suffering from a Halloween hangover. 
 And what a Halloween it was! The kids had a fabulous time, and made out good in the candy department. Costumes this year were as follows: Bella=Sophia the First, Jason= A Robot, Lucy= A Flower, Mommy= An under qualified nanny that couldn't keep up with her children.

 The law student husband had class from 6-7:30 which left me solo for trick or treating. Yay for having kids while going to law school!!!!  Anyway, my generous sister was hosting her yearly Halloween open house and neighbor hood trick or treat. For some reason I totally forgot I was suppose to bring some sort of baked item or treat to the open house. Luckily I remembered an hour and a half before we had to leave. Having both chocolate chips and a can of pumpkin on hand, I decided to whip up two batches of chocolate chip pumpkin muffins. As soon as the muffins were cool I scrambled to get everyone dressed and out the door.
  I've never trick or treated with the kids by myself; and me being on the more paranoid side I was hesitant to even go. The night started off with what I believed to be a bad "omen." A snake lying on the side of the road....It wasn't moving, but didn't appear to be hurt (not that I'm a snake vet) Part of me is kidding about the snake being an "omen." Not even sure if Catholics are allowed to believe in omens??  But it did kind of spook me about the kids running around in the dark...

  Lucy strapped and ready to go in the front carrier, we headed out with the group to go door to door. I enjoyed other families trick or treating with us; however when little kids get together with candy involved there tends to be a lot of running. In retro spect I feel it would have been less chaotic for me to have taken them without a group. Because Jason didn't quite understand the concept...He seemed to be suffering from confusion as to whether we were playing "follow the leader" or trick or treating. 
 Right at the end of the night Jay got out of class and hitched a ride over. I was sooooo happy to see him. Especially because Jason's little feet were done and I had been relying on the generous offer of a friends husband to carry him. 

All in all we had a fun, safe candy filled Halloween. Just the way Halloween is supposed to be. I wish I had more inspiration to add more to this post...but I'm babysitting and keep having to stop so I'll just end it now.:)

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